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1978-81 Roger D. Yachetti, Q.C.

1981-83 David F. Smye, Q.C.

1983-85 J. David Helson

1985-87 Frank A. Lanza

1987-89 Bernd E. Zabel

1989-91 Neil R. Jones

1991-93 Jeffrey R. Manishen

1993-95 Richard E. Jennis

1995-97 Dean D. Paquette

1997-99 Geoffrey M. Read

1991-01 John Abrams

2001-03 Mark Maring

2003-05 Beth Bromberg

2005-07 Robert S. Gee

2007-09 Andrew Confente

2009-11 Don Clarke

2011-13 Joseph Fiorucci

2013-15 Peter R. Boushy